Welcome to Stroud Liberal Democrats

At the Liberal Democrat Autumn Conference in Bournemouth the mood was upbeat and confident. Tim Farron's keynote speech was warmly received by the more than 2,500 delegates. Tim, leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, is leading the essential fight back to ensure liberal voices are at the forefront of British politics.

Tim Farron recieves a standing ovation at the LibDem Conference in Bournemouth 2015 (Mike Pearce | Deep Reality)Now, more than ever, it is critically important that the voice of reasoned moderation is heard nationally, locally, in parliament and the media.

As the nation begins to realise just what a good job Liberal Democrats did while in government, more and more people are joining the Liberal Democrats. Since the general election more than 20,000 people have joined the party to help protect liberal values.

You can be part of this vital effort by giving us your support. You may be able to spare a few hours to distribute leaflets in your area or wish to stand in the local elections in 2016 - all are welcome.

Campaigning for what you believe in is fun, fulfilling and directly helps our local community.

What to do next?

European Referendum:

Take action! Join the Britain Stronger In Europe Campaign now! This is one of the most important political choices you will ever make.

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